Health & Happiness…Naturally!

Live without Pain


Are you suffering every day with some kind of muscular or internal pain?   Are you a weekend athlete who aches all  week?

Do you have old injuries that have never healed? Is  the pain of arthritis, , scleroderma or fibromyalgia ruining your life?

Homeopathy is proven effective in pain management. Contact Lise to learn the  role it can  play in your wellness strategy.



Less  Stress, Fatigue & Anxiety

Not being able to sleep can ruin a person's life! Getting up in the middle of the night? Can't get back to sleep? Can't fall asleep?

If you are stressed and feeling  anxious, worried or  uncomfortable; every part of our lives is affected. Sleep can be challenging.  Stress can cause  weight gain, depression, leave us exhausted,  compromise our performance at work and make us cross with our loved ones.

There are natural solutions.

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 GUT- Brain Connection  

Autism, ADHD,  Alzheimers, poor  concentration, heart  disease, obesity,  addictions and  detoxification  from: mercury, thimerosal and aluminum   require  a healthy intestinal tract.   

An integrative approach is most successful in these challenging concerns.  Employing the GAPS diet and  Homeopathy; common detox protocols and expensive supplements are minimized.   

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