C O M E D I A N    S W E A R S  B Y   HO M E P A T H I C   R E M E D Y   FOR   COLDS   AND   FLU!

“His regimen to fight his cold includes Vitamin C … A secret ingredient to his recovery is Oscillococcinum…. his wife turned him on to alternative health when they moved to Los Angeles in the mid-1960s… But he says he’s trying to spread the gospel of Oscillococcinum. ‘I’ve learned to pronounce Oscillococcinum because so many people don’t know anything about it,’ … ‘If you call people and they say, ‘Oh, man, I’m coming down with…,’ you tell them ‘Go to the drug store and get that box. It’s the only medicine with a lot of S’s and a lot of C’s in the first word. …’ ‘They call back. ‘Did you get it?’ ‘No, I haven’t gone yet.’ They’re wheezing and sneezing and (have a) headache. ‘Here, hang up the phone and go.’ And they still don’t go. Why? ‘Because I don’t know how to pronounce it.’ So it becomes very, very funny and you get frustrated because you know it’s going to work.’” —

“ Not so funny; Comedian swears by French formula,” by Bruce Fessier, The Desert Sun, Palm Springs, CA, February 11, 2010

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