Rescue Remedy.

It is the #1 natural remedy for stress sold in the world.

“This is probably the Bach Flower Essences product that you know the best. It may be what you think of when you think of Bach Flower Essences.”

  • It made up of 5 different flower essences, it is the only combination remedy created by Dr. Bach.
  • It is used for emergencies and crises.
  • It is the acute emergency remedy.
  • Wereach for it during a panic attack, fear and anxiety before an exam, the occasional stage fright, temper tantrum, near miss- car accident, fear during a flight.

Last month when we got the terrible news from Connecticut, Rescue Remedy sales increased. It is natural to choose it for such an event. During the 9/11 crisis we also had large numbers of increased sales in Rescue Remedy.

These are perfect examples of crises in which – Rescue Remedy can help us through the moment of acute difficulty such as these. By definition an acute situation is short term and not a continual challenge- it is not chronic.

So if we are reaching for the rescue remedy often, when we experience constant fears and anxieties for the socially anxious among us, we might not be satisfied with the result.

For non acute/occasional panic Rescue does not work all the time.

The reason for this is found in the understanding of acute and chronic concerns .

By definition these instances of “emergencies” are truly chronic in nature. The proper and most useful Bach remedy combination for us would be best selected based on more specific criteria. We would select remedies that address the underlying causes for these intense episodes of panic, fear, and anxiety. I am concerned that we miss out on the amazing and striking benefits of the full 38 flower essences if we only look to Rescue in our hour of need.

By combining up to 7 different flower essences in a personal formula bottle (1 oz dropper bottle filled with spring water to which are added 2 drops of each of 7 remedies) we can experience a relief from the underlying causes of Social Anxiety (as this young man was diagnosed by his doctor) and many other forms of panic. Rescue does not always do the trick, but a personalized remedy often does.

Let’s look at a few examples:
A young man at the age of 15 had been suffering from acute social anxiety for several years. He complained of anxiety whenever his parents would leave home, when he would have to go from home to school, test taking, or performance of any type. He said that the anxiety could come at any time with no advanced warning. He was a very loyal and dedicated friend to his peers and often felt concern for their welfare. He often would advise his friends in better life choices so that they might avoid negative consequences. coach them so as to select a better path for their lives. He loves science fiction and even scary movies. Sometimes watching them late at night can cause anxiety – and he says “this might not be such a good idea.” He is quite intelligent and verbal.

As we see, he suffers from a condition that is diagnosed as “acute” social anxiety. This should not confuse us however. His mother had given him Rescue Remedy, and her comments are that “it seemed to be good.” This kind of comment is an indication to me that Rescue was useful but not a combination customized enough for her son.

In all things, if something works, something inexpensive and non toxic as Rescue Remedy is, it would be used again. This mother did not continue with the Rescue because the results were not remarkable enough.

So in situations such as this we look for the underlying concerns and feelings that are continual or frequent in the person’s life from which the acute episode comes.

Instead of Rescue Remedy; select remedies customized to the person. Underlying issues will bring on the panic or social anxiety and respond better to carefully selected remedies.
The seven Bach Flower Essences selected for this young man were:
Red Chestnut– because he is triggered by his over concern for the welfare of his loved ones including his friends.
Walnut– because transitions of all types tend to throw him off balance making him more vulnerable to an acute episode of anxiety.
Vervain– his care for his friends comes in the form of sharing ideas and suggestions for their betterment even when not requested of him.
Aspen– because there is a sense of emergency in this young man on a continual basis, we are using it as part of his constitutional personal formula. Over time the need for Rescue may diminish and eventually disappear. It is useful for now.
Clematis– This young man most came a alive and engaged while speaking about fantasy and science fiction that he enjoyed very much. He clearly was most engaged when enjoying his inner life. I do not see this as a negative aspect of his personality at all. We see here how our basic personality can give clues to what flower remedies are helpful to us. Since his anxiety is triggered when he comes out from his inner world into the outer world, the Clematis along with the Walnut work together to make that transition smoother.
White Chestnut is the remedy we select when we are plagued by repetitive thoughts or habits. It can be repeated hand washing, singing the same song over again- when we just can’t get it out of our heads and most commonly when we sit up at night tired but sleepless reviewing the events of the day. We included in this young man’s personal formula to quell his repeating thoughts after horror movies and his need to continually review the actions and choices he made during the day.
Heather was also added. In the world of social anxiety we work assiduously to understand the difference between an authentically dangerous situation and one that is a physical reaction with no recognizable cause. In psychotherapy and cognitive therapies of all sorts – verbally working through this process is common. In my practice I see many folks who talk it through with great energy and dedication. It is a kind of self examination that is continual and acts as a conduit for the energy of the anxiety. It helps a great deal in making better choices. It is however never ending. The Heather seems to help people actually hear themselves so repeated verbal processing becomes unnecessary. I included the heather to give this young man some relief.

Within 1 week of taking the personal formula his family is recounting that he is much calmer . I noticed that while talking to him he sounds more genuinely engaged and transitions of all types seem less disruptive. We continue with this formula for 2 bottles as was Dr. Bach’s habit . We will change the remedy afterwards to best address the concerns that may rise to the surface at that time and eliminate those that are no longer needed.
My hope is that Rescue Remedy is NOT the only Bach Flower Combination used.

If it does not work, there is a reason, and this can serve to push us to seek a more customized combination. There are 38 remedies which can be combined over 400,000 different ways. Why limit ourselves to just Rescue Remedy? If you would like help finding the right combination, contact a practitioner, or contact me for a free mini 15 minute consultation to learn the role Bach flowers During some can play in your wellness.

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