Client Compliments

ADHD, Anxiety

I was taking prescription medicine Addoral. I am a 45 year old woman and recently went back to school to get my PhD. The work load was intense and I was having a lot of stress and having a hard time concentrating on my school work. I was taking the Addoral for what doctors called ADHD. Once I graduated, I wanted to stop taking the drugs, but I did not want to have any withdrawal feelings. When I met Lise, I was very impressed by her kindness, her capacity to deeply understand in one hour what took my psychotherapist months! I used only one month of Bach Flower Essences Personal Formula, and all my anxieties diminished ! My doctor was able to take me off the Addoral. No symptoms, sleeplessness, anxiety or stress. I am free of the drugs and feel GREAT!

Lauren White, San Anselmo


 Chronic Urinary/ Bladder Pain

My mother is 78 years old and had back surgery 18 months ago. She was on a catheter during surgery. Even though she was on antibiotics, the pain from these extremely painful bladder spasms came a few times every month. We saw Lise to help with this, being somewhat skeptical about homeopathy. But she was suffering and I was willing to try something new. Lise was terrific. She was kind and thorough. My mother loved working with her. And most of all, what seemed like just a few pellets, a few drops in her water and my mother has not had any more pain! Lise clearly cares about her clients and she did a great job helping my mom.

Nancy Rogers, Ormond Beach



Homeopathy! What a revelation. I have been suffering from herniated disks for years due to injuries from lifting steel – I am a sculptor. I have had acupuncture, chiropractic and cortisone shots. It had gotten to the point where I could not sit, anytime I walked I hurt immediately… I was always uncomfortable. It was my main complaint. I had some problems with anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and professional stresses at the same time. I was convinced that I would have to continue with cortisone shots and be in pain the rest of the time. Not so! With the remedies that Lise selected the pain progressively got better. I have traveled extensively since then, lived a very physically active life and so many of my emotional concerns are better!

Caroline Smyth, New York City


Sleeplessness and Child’s Digestive problems

I am a single mom with a full time job and a sick child. The only thing that helped me get through the days were a good night’s sleep. When I got insomnia and the prescription my doctor gave me only made me feel groggy in the morning, I was at my wit’s end. My sister heard about Homeopathy on the Dr. Oz show. Lise did a terrific job. Calm, reassuring and great at what she does. I was sleeping normally within a few nights, my overall anxiety level has gone down a tremendous amount. We have just started working on some digestive issues for my son and he is getting better too. I am grateful to have found homeopathy and Lise.

Margaret Swanson, Flagler Beach


Bipolar Disorder and Sleeplessness

I began treatment with Lise in September of 2011. I never was one who slept well or regularly. Now I sleep soundly and I feel better than I’ve ever felt in my life. My moods are much better since I sought homeopathic treatment. I was cleared of my prior diagnosis of Bipolar and now do not take any medication at all. I am so grateful for homeopathy.

RB, Orlando, Florida


Bipolar Disorder and Anxiety

I was diagnosed bipolar two years ago. I started to take lithium, antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs. The problem with those drugs is that I felt FLAT and started to gain a lot of weight, and developed syndrome X. I started with Lise in April 2011.. She worked with my doctor, and as I started to feel better , the doctor was able to reduce my meds. After four months on homeopathic remedies, the GAPS diet I actually feel good. Better than I have felt in years. I´m enjoying life again with family. I´m really thankful to her.

Sylvia Nunez,  Orange City


 Memory Loss and Stroke

Our grandmother had a stroke which resulted in memory loss and some paralysis on her right side. It was after months of physical therapy before she could get out of bed. We heard about Lise from a friend. Her mother had been seeing Lise to help with the early signs of Alzheimer’s. They were really happy with her help, and said that there was no more memory loss in nearly 4 years. – We had a very good experience with Lise too. Grandmom was clearly remembering more in a matter of days and it’s been 2 years since her stroke. She is walking easily with the help of a walker, and has no evidence of memory loss. She enjoys her family, friends, and plays the piano without sheet music! We are so happy to have found Lise.

Brian Ahern, New York City



“So the “flowers” came yesterday , and I have been using them around the clock. I fell back to sleep rather quiickly at 2am after dosing. Yay! My daughter, being all inquisitive, read the Bach book and asked if she too could to the therapy, not knowing I was planning it anyway! She already picked out some essences she thinks she needs! We need to set up some time for her to consult with you, as she seems very interested. Thank you for this gift! “

Lorianne Mathews, Plainview, NY


Lise is an indispensable, masterful and compassionate guide.

She is an uncannily gifted perceiver of human emotions. Because she immediately recognizes the human in you, with its smalled and greatest aspects, you in no time realize that you are seen. And you are seen with an immense compassion. And she listens. It’s a guided listening she does. Her listening evokes words that have until then patiently waited their turn to be expressed… And you begin to identify your true self, your higher self, and non-desirable (let’s say) parts and bits that seem to have been stuck on you at some point or another. ..And because she is so compassionate (perhaps even more so than your mother) you don’t feel judged. You realize and cherish the fact that it is safe to be revealed. You see that she too is delighted, delighted to be of help in the healing of a fellow creature of the universe.”

Yildiray Yildirim,  Netherlands.








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