About the Consultation

Welcome !

Integrative Health Mentoring is unique to every person.

To begin, we suggest a brief meeting with Lise on the phone for a free 15 min consultation.

From that point- you can book your appointment.    meetme.so/lisebattaglia

You will receive appointment confirmation and appropriate reminders

Please fill out these 2 forms a few days before your appointment:


New Clients History Form


New Clients- Release, Pricing & General Policies

Materials for your reference after your Tutoring Session

3.   LAB Material Information –  ” How To”

4.  Dosage repetition Chart “How to decide when to repeat the remedy”

5. LAB Instructions– general chart of the various ways remedies are taken.

Good to have a reference, each coaching session will discuss specifics for the concern at hand.





The homeopathic consultation  :  what’s it like?



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