Lise Battaglia


“It is as though no matter what life brings me I know I will be stronger for facing it thanks to Lise Battaglia and the Bach® Flower Essences. ” Caroline Samson, New York City, NY

“I was diagnosed with diabetes and had to make serious dietary changes. It was overwhelming. Thank heavens for Lise’s help .     I was skeptical about using the ” Flowers” but within weeks, I was feeling more positive and making changes easily. I believe they were a huge help in my making the transition to a healthier lifestyle.” Jennifer Roberts, Ormond Beach, FL.

Lise  is a Homeopath, Bach flower essences practitioner and Professional Chef whose unique blend of modalities brings forth the self healing in all her clients. A Crisis Counselor since 1981, Nutritional coach and chef since 1989, Bach Flower Practitioner since 1995, and Homeopathic consultant since 2007.

Crisis Counselor

Lise started in mental health and counseling as a peer crisis counselor in 1981. At the Women’s Counseling Project at Columbia University’s Barnard College she was a health advocate, crisis counselor and member of the board. At Saint Luke’s’ Hospital Crime Victim’s Unit she served for 12 years as a Rape Survivor Advocate and advocate trainer.

Culinary Nutritionist, Special Diets  & European Trained Chef & Educator

Ms. Battaglia graduated from Barnard College, Columbia University with honors in European history, philosophy and art history. In 1986 she began her culinary studies – apprenticing in Traditional Northern Italian Cuisine in a Renaissance villa outside of Florence, Italy. After rigorous study in cuisine, the anthropological roots of healing cuisines, and an integrative curriculum in “Food for Healing” at the Natural Gourmet Cookery School with Annmarie Colbin, “Healing Meals Personal Chef” was established. As the Special Diets Forum moderator for the American Personal Chef Association, Ms. Battaglia’s expertise was sought by nearly 4000 chef/members for more than 6 years. She was the chef to the Chair of the American Juvenile Diabetes Foundation , Mary Tyler Moore. As an Educator she has conducted hundreds of workshops and been on the faculty of the New York Restaurant School and the Natural Gourmet Cookery School.

GAPS™ Protocol, Certified Educator

GAPS™ education for the specific diet designed by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, has helped thousands of families to overcome learning disabilities, psychiatric and psychological disorders immune system problems and digestive problems. There are less than 240 certified trained practitioners in the United States. The purpose of the protocol is to detoxify the person, to lift the toxic fog off the brain to allow it to develop and function properly. In order to achieve this, we begin by detoxifying , healing and nourishing the digestive tract. Once this is achieved, the gut ceases being the the major source of toxicity in the body. Through proper nourishment of the intestines, proper nourishment is possible, as it is designed to be. In Dr McBride’s clinical practice . This protocol has proven to drop the level of toxicity in the body dramatically. This is an excellent method of supporting and helping children (and adults) dealing with autism, adhd,bipolar disorder and food sensitivities.


Lise supports her clients through education and remedy selection . Lise identifies her role in healthcare as a researcher and self healing coach. The client is the student of their own self healing and the disciplines of   homeopathy,  culinary nutrition, the GAPS flower essences. As coach and researcher,  Lise identifies the remedies and healing foods which are in the academic and scientific literature found to be helpful in the concerns of her client/student.

Lise is a CCH homeopath:  Certified Constitutional Homeopath; by the Council on Homeopathic Certification, whose standards for homeopathic education are respected worldwide in the medical and scientific communities.the   She also is considered a homeopath of advanced standing as a Homeopathic Master Clinician: HMC.awarded after 3 years of study with  internationally recognized homeopath, clinician and author; Louis Klein

She began her homeopathic studies in 1988 as a patient of George Vithoulkas’ Protégé’ Sylvia Faddis. In 1996 she became a  Bach Flower Practitioner, graduating with the 2nd class trained in North America . In 2010 she completed 5 years of classical homeopathic training and human sciences with The New York School of Homeopathy and North American Homeopathic Master Clinician Course in Minneapolis. She has studied with world class homeopaths; Lou Klein, Rajan Sankaran, Robin Murphy, Jan Scholten and Dr. Ramakrishna. She currently is in practice as a homeopathic and integrative healthcare consultant in Ormond Beach,Florida. She teaches  at  Daytona State College, Florida : Intro to Homeopathy for Medical Professionals  and Homeopathy for First Aid, Bumps, Bruises, and Cuts. 

Ms. Battaglia  serves on the Board of Directors for the  Florida Homeopathic Society.


CEASE (COMPLETE ELIMINATION OF AUTISM SPECTRUM EXPRESSION) THERAPY is a type of homotoxicology and was developed by Dr Smits, a Dutch physician who was looking for a way to help children on autism spectrum. He had noticed that when children were cleared of most toxins they improved significantly. Dr. Smits helped well over 300 children on autism spectrum prior to his death in 2010. While his method was originally designed for children on autism spectrum, Dr. Smits and those that he trained have experienced success with a number of other conditions including multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, allergies, ear infections, and hyperactivity.

Vaccine Free Homeopathic Immune Support

Lise is a Certified Homeopathic Supervisor for Homeoprophylaxis,  the medically supervised program dedicated to educating our children’s immune systems to ensure natural development while defeating childhood diseases.

Bach Flower Essences Practitioner

As an official spokesperson and representative of Nelson’s Bach, she conducted staff training and introductory classes for retail health food stores and community groups in North America. Ms. Battaglia has been a Bach Flower Practitioner since 1989. She is registered with the Bach Center in England.

Vaccine Free Homeopathic Immune Support

Lise is a Certified Homeopathic Supervisor for Homeoprophylaxis,  the medically supervised program dedicated to educating our children’s immune systems to ensure natural development while defeating childhood diseases.


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