GAPS™ Diet

The GAPS™ Diet is a therapeutic diet designed to  heal  the Gut.  Psychological , mental illness and Autism are gut related disorders.

Heal and Seal the Gut to Heal the Mind.

GAPS™ Diet

Detoxifies and Heals  the  digestive system  for those suffering from food allergies and  sensitivities.

Supports the  Immune system  for  those suffering from mental and psychological conditions, especially ASD and ADHD.

Is a  safe, short term,  diet , with natural, food based  healing

Experience the benefits of the GAPSDiet and bring an end to

  • Chronic intestinal illnesses,
  • Skin disorders
  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Learning challenges
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Autoimmunity and many other disease states.

What is on the GAPS™ Diet?

  • Familiar traditional foods .
  • Naturally fermented  probiotic foods.
  • Nutrient Dense foods.
  • Gluten and pasteurized dairy free.

Who is Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride

The creator of the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet is  Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, a neurologist and nutritional consultant from the UK, while treating her sons’ autism. The GAPS diet got her son off the Autism Spectrum. Thousands of families are achieving remarkable results using the protocol . Campbell-McBride is the Author of  several books, articles and trains certified GAPS practitioners worldwide.

GAPS™ and Gut and Psychology Syndrome™ are the trademark and copyright of Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. The right of Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted by her in accordance with the Copyright, Patent and Designs Act 1988.”


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