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Unlocking Your Natural Flow!

WNDB Radio Florida Healthy Lifestyle Show Aired February 19th, 7:05PM

 Dr. Kaz of the CHADS joins us to for  our show this week, and natural ways to stay in the flow for heathy hearts! 






THE FLU!!!  

February 7, 2018

Mitch Booth of Love Whole Foods discusses what natural remedies have been helping with the flu in Volusia County

Florida Healthy Lifestyle Show,

Aired January 25, 2018

Daytona Health Coach, Lise M. Battaglia, CCH, CAP,  welcomes guest, Dr. Asa Hershoff, DC, ND, D.O.M, and Homeopath.  An amazing half hour with this practitioner with 40 years of experience.  Dr. Asa shares his wisdom and encouragment. Listen for the 6 best first aid homeopathic remedies for trauma.


January 20, 2018 

CHAD's Center.

Holistic health, Inflammatory illnesses & Festival of Wellness

 with Mitch Booth of Love Whole Foods , Dr. Kaz of the Chad's Center & Lise Battaglia your host and The Daytona Health Coach

January 13, 2018

Thriving after Cervical Cancer

Jill Schneider and Ann Fonfa



January 6, 2018

Volusia County Department of Health 

Preventing and Treating Cervical Cancer

 with Kayla Norwood, APRN




Aired on December 30th, 2017

Tips and Resources for using the Law of Attraction to make your New Year's Resolutions stick!

Ways to beat the odds!  Only 8% of folks make it till the end of the year having kept their resolutions!   Flower Essences tips, links to law of attraction experts and musical inspiration to make those dreams come true. 



Aired on December 23, 2017.  How to be Safe and Sane for the holidays!  Food safety.  Homeopathic remedies for indigestion and hangovers. What to do at the dinner table to reduce indigestion   Bach Flower Essences for keeping our cool. Links and phone numbers for some tough emotions and the holiday blues. 

Aired December 9 , 2017

WNDB 1150AM or 93.5FM!

HIV & AIDS in Volusia County. How are we doing? 

Where to get tested and where to get help?

Interviews with Ethan J. Johnson & Marvin Hall of  The Volusia County Department of Health

aired November 29th , 2017

WNDB 1150AM or 93.5FM!

Holistic and Natural Complements

to Conventional Cancer Care

part 2

Interviews with Mitch Booth & Ann Fonfa

aired November 18, 2017

WNDB 1150AM or 93.5FM!

Holistic and Natural Complements

to Conventional Cancer Care

part 1

Holistic and Natural Solutions 

to become






Dennis McLaughlin of Honest One Auto!  

Amazing community resource for the health of our autos!

Who is Lise Battaglia, CCH Homeopath, Interview with The Voice of Daytona Beach, Dave Laing.

Autism Show with Lise Battaglia,


Michelle Collins. PhD. :  Weston A. Price Chapter Leader , Local entrepreneur and Kombucha Maker!

Juicing for Health and Beauty. Special Guest,  College Student, Singer and Juicer : Alysha Hinton. 

free resources to feel better - without opiods for pain relief

Special report with Lise Battaglia

Quitting Smoking with Kristen Mialki, Tobacco program manager at Volusia County Health Department. Holistic Recovery Tips 3/4/17

5/25/17 Holistic Auto Care for the Summer with Dennis McLaughlin of Honest One Auto!

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