Holistic Recovery : Mondays @ 5pm

recovery-next-exitHealthy Habits for Recovery 

Ongoing recovery education program . For those who want something natural!

Mondays @ 5:00-6:00 pm

 @ 555 Memorial Circle, Ormond Beach, FL   386 872 7599


  • Proven Holistic Methods-That you can use to help you reduce the craving.
  • Healing our diets to heal our cravings.
  • Sugar- The secret, addictive ingredient in your cigarette, in your coffee, soda and how it maintains the craving.
  • Supplements and foods to add to your recovery plan now.
  • Seratonin- makes you feel good, how to get more!
  •  Cravings in our Brains start in our stomach.
  • How to heal the Gut to heal our brains, and drop the feeling of lack
  • Intention, Power of the Mind  for Recovery
  • Emotional Freedom Technique- That Tapping thing– use it to reduce pain, craving, rage, discomfort in a minute.
  • Herbs for health and happiness- non habit forming. Nourishment from nature that feeds the soul.
  • Homeopathy-  the safe, inexpensive proven form of self healing that 500 million people use every year.
  • Flower Essences that remove the hindrances to be the emotionally strongest you possible- non habit forming.
  • Aromatherapy- if it smells good it is good.  How to use essential oils to restore neurotransimittors previously thought destroyed by addiction
  • DIY self care- Daily practice Techniques

Most insurance plans will cover this!

Non insured – $25 per session.

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